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Ray is a strong war who came from the future and child of Goku and Chi Chi. His siblings are Miles,Lake, and Pan. Ray was born Age 770 when his dad was 25.


He came to the past when he was 8 years old to tell his dad about the future and how he is the only one to fight the monsters. Goku, Gojie, Miles, Kai, and Trunks help Ray out and defaet the monsters. Ray and the Glatic Team help them for bad things. Ray trains with his father and acoplish Super Saiyain. He soon goes back back to the future and present time Ray is born. He is strong as Future Ray and he looks him too. Ray is not bright all the time but heck of a fighter. Ray defeats Cell when 11 years old. He is does also defeat Hatchiyack when 12 years old. Him and Father defeatd Bojack when he was 13.

Speacial Abilltiy & Techinices

Kamehameha- A move that Goku and Friends know.

Maseko- It's simaliar to Kamehameha.

Super Kamehameha- This is much better than Kamehameha.

Speacial Beam Cannon- A move that Piccolo knows and taught some people.

Super Maseko- It is much powerful then Maseko.

Father-Son Kamehameha- The move that Ray beats Cell with.

Irea Beam- A move that two hands have ki blast in them then shoots a beam.

Super Irea Beam- Much powerful then Irea Beam.

Ulitamite Kamehameha- It's a combanation of Goku's True Kamehameha and his True Irea Beam.

True Irea Beam- The best Irea Beam of all.

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Unlockable Power

Hidden Power

Super Saiyain

Full Power Super Saiyain

Super Saiyain 2

Super Saiyain 3

Super Saiyain 4

Great Ape

Golden Great Ape

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